Catching Up

Hello friends,

You are probably all so sick of my “I haven’t posted in forever so here are some updates” posts. I’m sick of them too. That being said, how about I stop being wordy and just update in you image-form, since we all know we’d rather look at pretty pictures than read a wall of rambling text, am I right?photo 2

photo 3
A vegan/GF breakfast pizza for two:

A gluten free pizza crust (because I am lazy)
Pizza sauce
Vegan “mozzarella”
2 eggs
Fresh basil
1/2 avocado

Put in the oven at 400° for about 5ish minutes until the fake cheese bubbled, the crust got crispy, and the egg whites set, removed, and garnished with fresh basil and avocado slices. Subsequently devoured.

photo 1 copy

Cashew butter ants on a log and a cup of tea (I’ll let you guys figure this one out).

photo 3 copy

A classic “favorite salad” of avocado, smoked salmon, red onion, and shredded carrot over spring mix, dressed with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.

photo 1

The most beautiful garden-fresh cherry tomatoes I ever did lay my eyes on.

And with that, friends, starts a new era. Less talk, more doing. I bought some plantains. I’m going to post every Wednesday. Mark my words.